Statement: Heavy rain impacts Brockwell Park events

28 May 2024

Written by: Lambeth Council

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Lambeth Council is managing the impacts of heavy rain over the Bank Holiday Weekend on the grass at Brockwell Park to minimise the damage and will make sure any repairs needed are carried out.

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Statement: Heavy rain impacts Brockwell Park events

Sadly Brockwell Bounce, a free festival for children tomorrow (May 29) has to be cancelled because of the weekend’s rain and further downpours forecast for this week. The site is currently unsafe for children. A free community event in its place is being planned for during the school summer holidays.

The council is currently reviewing the impacts of the rainy conditions on further events planned in Brockwell Park during the rest of May and early June. There is an agreement that any repairs needed to the park will be paid for by the event’s organiser, not Lambeth Council.

The council has worked with an events organiser to create a series of free and paid for events in Brockwell Park to bring exciting entertainment to the borough, and to be able to keep the Lambeth Country Show free for local people.

The 50th edition the Lambeth Country Show, which attracts more than 120,000 people, is due to take place on June 8 and June 9. Running it in partnership with the event organiser has saved the council £700,000, and this year generate more than £100,000 for community investment.

Lambeth Council has worked hard to keep Lambeth Country Show as a free community event, despite the severe budget pressures, because the Lambeth Country Show is a brilliant opportunity for the borough’s communities to come together for a safe, inclusive and fun celebration.

The annual event has been held by Lambeth Council since 1974 and combines the best of the city and the countryside, with live music, sheep shearing, vegetable sculpture competitions, community stands and so much more. It is organised by Lambeth Council, in partnership with Brockwell Live.

To find out more about the Lambeth Country Show visit and follow

There is also a two-day ticketed event scheduled for prior to the country show.

Lambeth Council puts £500,000 a year maintaining popular Brockwell Park which has won numerous awards including a Green Flag given by Keep Britain Tidy in line with the international standard for high quality parks and green spaces.