Streatham Wells set for Low Traffic Neighbourhood transformation 

9 August 2023

Written by: Lambeth Council

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 Lambeth Council plans to establish the Streatham Wells Low Traffic Neighbourhood to help reduce motor vehicle traffic and road danger, improve air quality and make it easier to walk and cycle. 

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Streatham Wells set for Low Traffic Neighbourhood transformation 

The council will introduce traffic restrictions on roads within the Streatham Wells LTN to turn traffic clogged roads into spaces where people can meet and socialise, as well as enjoy parklets among more trees and greenery that help protect against heat and flooding. 

Part of the LTN trial will be a public consultation so those who live, work, or travel through the area can have their say on the scheme. 

 Deputy Council leader Cllr Rezina Chowdhury, Cabinet member for Sustainable Lambeth and Clean Air, said: “These proposals will lead to a significant improvement in road safety, air quality, and will allow more space for people to enjoy their neighbourhoods without worrying about traffic jams and exhaust fumes. 

“The proposed Streatham Wells LTN, as well as the other improvements, show we are taking bold steps to address issues like road danger, toxic air quality, and climate resilience.”  

The proposed Streatham Wells LTN would include traffic filters in Leigham Avenue, Culverhouse Gardens, Valley Road, and Gleneldon Road.  

Data will be published around air quality and traffic volumes both within the LTN and on boundary roads in line with the council’s Monitoring Strategy. Together with Transport for London, Lambeth will also be monitoring bus journey times on some of the key routes. 

Lambeth Council has been working closely with the community throughout the process as part of its commitment to collaborate on scheme design. 

 The scheme makes allowances for buses, emergency services and rapid response healthcare providers, Blue Badge holders and bin lorries, as well as taxis and adapted private hire vehicles for some filters. 

Further improvement work will take place within the area including tree planting, cycling parking and community parklets, as well as new climate resiliency measures such as raingardens.  

The Streatham Wells LTN is the latest milestone in the wider transformation of Streatham to make it safer, provide more planting and greenery, and create more space for meeting and socialising. Streatham Wells is part of a trial to roll out delivery lockers to reduce the number of last mile journeys driven by van in the area. 

A series of improvements to Leigham Court Road worth up to half a million pounds are planned to widen pavements to create more space for people walking, improve air quality, and reduce road danger by making it more friendly for sustainable travel and slowing speeds.  

Cllr Chowdhury added: “The council is working hard to help people feel empowered to leave their cars at home and explore other ways to travel around Lambeth. Low traffic neighbourhoods are one of the ways we are transforming our streets to benefit everyone, rather than just motorists.  

 “We have been listening to the community for more than two years to ensure these proposals strike the right balance between reducing overall traffic volume and supporting people where they live or work and will continue to ask for feedback as we move forward.”

To find out more, please visit the Commonplace website.

You can also read the Streatham Wells FAQs.