The bin’s the thing

1 February 2017

Written by: Lambeth Council

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Streatham Street Champion Michael welcomes new green recycling wheelie bin to 3-bin waste collection system

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The bin’s the thing

Michael Morfey is a Street Champion in Streatham who thinks fox-proof new green recycling wheelie bins will mean an improved environment.

“I got into being a Street Champion after getting involved in a Community Freshview. It’s a good way for the council to hear about local problems from people facing them.

“There are more than 250 homes on my street. One of the biggest problems we’ve faced as Street Champions in Streatham is with recycling. I think the new green recycling wheelie bins will solve the biggest problems all in one go.

Clearing up the problem

“I’ve tried suggesting leaving recycling sacks on the wall,  or on top of their rubbish bin, if possible, to be out of reach of animals. I’ve done education about what people can recycle, and gentle reminders that they should rinse out everything that’s had food in it before putting it in the recycling sacks. If you don’t, the smell of food attracts the foxes and they just tear the plastic open. It makes such a mess.

“I’ve seen the recycling sacks get used for rubbish and garden leaves, which must be a real waste of a free service. And spilled recycling on the street can quickly attract fly-tipping.

One-stop collection

“As soon as I heard about the new bins I said “fantastic”. I couldn’t be happier. They’ll hold more recycling, and keep it safe from foxes.  I think it will be better for the recycling contractors , too. With the sacks, they have make an extra trip picking up all the spilled recycling off the street.  With the bins, they’ll be able to do everything in one go.”

Bins on a roll

New green recycling wheelie bins are being delivered across Lambeth from mid January to the end of February.

Some homes will not be suitable for the new green recycling wheelie bins and will still use sacks. We’ve written to tell you whether you’re part of the new 3-bin system.


7 Thoughts on “The bin’s the thing

  1. Benjamin H says:

    Where can we see the calculation of the £450,000 saving and why have the council been wasting this money for so many years?

  2. Aileen G says:

    Bins too large. Can barely get into our lower ground floor flat as now 4 bins blocking entrance, 2 black, 2 green. Seems little thought given to access. Will now have to get smaller black bins as access for pushchairs, deliveries etc very difficult.

  3. Bin City says:

    Terrible idea. Why do we need three bins per property? These properties are not large enough to accommodate three bins and the bins, unsurprisingly, are not attractive. Why not have one bin with a compartment for recycling and another compartment for other waste? Terrible consulting/advertising re this scheme.

  4. AS says:

    Generally a good idea but the bins are larger & take up more space in our pathway leading to house. Many residents still don’t realise no plastic bags allowed inside so putting clear sacks in the green bins. Rain pools on the top of the green bin lid so when you open the lid, water pours inside – why ask for items to be dry if this happens? Soggy paper mess inside now.

  5. Resident says:

    Not sure if I can still pick up bags from the library now?

    • Communications team says:

      We will no longer be providing bags at libraries from March.
      If you are given a green bin you will not receive sacks anymore.
      People who have been identified as continuing to use the clear recycling sacks service will be able to order recycling bags online or from the call centre.

  6. JD says:

    The occasional fox bitten sack was a small price to pay to avoid doubling the number of bins on Lambeth’s streets. They will inevitably clog up the pavements (as the black ones do now) and even if taken off the pavement, make the streets look industrial and ugly. Very bad idea!

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