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3 November 2016

Written by: Communications team

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Have you ever wanted in-depth details of Lambeth’s financial position? Or the housing crisis? Or just how the council is spending the borough’s money? Start with our enewsletter, theBALANCE.

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It is two years since Lambeth launched theBALANCE, as a way of informing residents on the biggest challenges facing the borough – and how the council was tackling them.

The 16 issues produced since October have offered a window on to the issues and opportunities facing Lambeth, including housing, growth, health, “enviro-crimes“, inequality, and the borough’s Budget. They’ve been sent to an average of 35,000 residents every month – a total of almost 600,000 readers. Each edition carries a digest of feedback received from residents on the various issues.

theBALANCE is now marking its anniversary by returning to one of the most stubborn and troubling concerns confronting Lambeth and its residents: the housing crisis. Issue 17 lays bare the figures for homelessness in the borough, the number of families on the housing waiting list and those living in temporary or overcrowded accommodation. In a lengthy interview with Cllr Matthew Bennett, Cabinet Member for Housing, he sets out the reasoning behind the Estate Regeneration programme and why the council has concluded that a complete rebuilding of the Central Hill estate is the only practical way to improve living conditions for people living there. Full rebuilding would substantially increase the number of homes on the estate, including much-needed affordable homes over and above the replacement of the existing 316.

Issue 17 also carries details of other activities, including Eddy Grant’s return to Electric Avenue, the Borough Plan and the assault on engine idling.

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