Remember to vote on Thursday 8 June!

24 April 2017

Written by: Cllr Lib Peck, Leader of Lambeth Council

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We have a General Election in just a few weeks which will doubtless occupy the front and most of the middle pages, social media and broadcast schedules.

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Remember to vote on Thursday 8 June!

After Brexit and the US election, there are already complaints from some that there’s simply too much politics which turns people off who then turn their backs on democracy.

That is a great shame.

Politics shapes everything we do – from where our children go to school, the health and social care we need, public transport and the cost of living. It’s about war and security, jobs and businesses. It’s about our place in the world and the values we demonstrate. Most people have opinions and indeed, many are more than happy to share them on social media. Many of those who are most vociferous in their complaints about politics and politicians are people who don’t vote, don’t engage in the democratic process and claim ‘there’s no point ‘.


We know there are people around the world who long for democracy, for the diversity of opinions, the range of political arguments we take for granted in this country. People have and continue to suffer and die for their right to have a vote. Don’t we owe it to them to use what is our right?

No party or politician is ever going to satisfy every single person, politics is often more about pragmatism and compromise that winning or losing.

Lambeth passion

Lambeth is nothing if not a borough of strong opinions, fierce loyalties and great passion. People are active, engaged and committed and while that doesn’t always make my job easy, it is constantly stimulating, challenging and never dull.  The turnout in Lambeth for the EU Referendum last year was 67% and in the 2015 General Election 63% which is around the national average and means that a third of people eligible to vote didn’t.

Whatever your politics, make sure you’re registered to vote, or apply for a postal vote and use your voice on 8 June.

All the information regarding how to register to vote, apply for postal or proxy votes and key dates leading up to the election can be found in our elections guide