West Dulwich street improvements unveiled

16 February 2024

Written by: Lambeth Council

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Lambeth Council is proposing a range of street improvements in West Dulwich after responding to residents’ concerns about the high volume of traffic caused by drivers using local streets as shortcuts. 

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West Dulwich street improvements unveiled

The combination of the three schemes will help reduce road danger, encourage more active and sustainable travel, and improve air quality in West Dulwich. 

They will also significantly improve road congestion in the neighbourhood, while providing new safe and continuous routes for people to walk, wheel, or cycle on. 

Healthy Route Phase 3 

The council is working towards creating a continuous Healthy Route between Brockwell Park and Gipsy Hill to allow more people to safely walk, wheel, or cycle through the neighbourhood. 

Work centred on Rosendale Road is being carried out in four phases. The first phase was installed in January 2021 and made permanent last year – it created a two-lane cycle path with road safety improvements and new pedestrian crossings.  

Phase two was introduced in November 2023 for the route between Turney Road and the A205 South Circular. 

Phase three would extend the route between the South Circular and Park Hall Road with a two-way protected cycle track and further safety improvements.  

West Dulwich Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) 

The council intends to introduce a CPZ that would prioritise parking spaces for residents and businesses, while removing commuter parking and vehicles left parked in the kerbside for a long period of time. An informal consultation was held last year to gather local views.

Lambeth Council believes the changes would benefit those living and working in West Dulwich by reducing the amount of traffic on local streets seeking parking space, making provision for more cycle parking and electric vehicle charge points locally and reducing vehicle emissions for cleaner air and a healthier environment.

The CPZ would also support the aims of Lambeth Council’s award-winning Kerbside Strategy to reallocate around a quarter of the kerbside space from motor vehicle parking to sustainable purposes, such as tree planting, safe cycle parking, car clubs and e-bike bays.

West Dulwich Street Improvements 

The council will introduce a range of street improvements to limit the number of vehicles using the local streets as cut throughs from the South Circular, which had been highlighted as a particular problem by the local community. 

Traffic management measures would be implemented in Dalton Street, Chatsworth Way, Towton Road, Tulsemere Road, Eastmearn Road, and Carson Road, and would be introduced as Experimental Traffic Orders. 

The initial trial phase will last for up to 18 months The initial trial phase will last for up to 18 months, during which time, traffic will be monitored to understand the effects of the trial.

Cabinet view 

Deputy Leader Cllr Rezina Chowdhury, cabinet member for Sustainable Lambeth and Clean Air, said: “The council has been working with residents and businesses in West Dulwich who have serious concerns about the level of motor vehicle traffic that passes through local streets as a result of the nearby South Circular. 

“They have had to put up with drivers using these streets as shortcuts or cut throughs for too long, as well as having their roads regularly clogged with parked cars belonging to commuters or people from outside the area who travel in then get public transport. 

“We have also been working on proposals to extend our Healthy Route network so people who live or work in West Dulwich can link with other parts of Lambeth in one continuous, protected route. This will allow even more people to travel through Lambeth using healthier and more sustainable forms of transport, like walking, wheeling, or cycling. 

“The council is now looking to launch the overlapping schemes and the trial street improvements. We are asking for people to give feedback during this initial period. We are committed to working with these residents and businesses to respond to any concerns and make improvements. 

“We have responded to the issues raised by people in West Dulwich and believe that the combination of these three schemes will have a long-term transformative effect on peoples’ lives in line with our commitment to create neighbourhoods fit for the future.” 

The council will hold a public consultation on the proposed traffic orders for the Healthy Route and CPZ. 

For more information read the council report