Young People shape new Violence Against Women and Girls harassment campaign

11 July 2023

Written by: Lambeth Council

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The campaign will build on previous interventions and resident feedback tools launched as a part of the “Look Out For Lambeth” campaign, but will have a focus on Children and Young People.

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Young People shape new Violence Against Women and Girls harassment campaign

Young Creators UK (YCUK) have been commissioned by the Council to develop the campaign in partnership with young people across the borough and have offered paid employment opportunities for young people participating in these workshops who want to develop their digital design skills.

The workshops, facilitated by young people, were for young Lambeth residents who used their lived experiences and concerns to directly feed into the look, feel, and vocabulary being featured in the digital campaign. Three separate cohorts of young women, young men, and intergenerational women came together to have discussions about Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) and misconceptions around harassment.

A young person who attended the workshop said, “It was great for young people to be able to recognise and call out problem behaviours, but it was also helpful when we explored different contextual situations to help them not become the perpetrators in these situations.

I look forward to seeing the final outcome of this campaign and will continue to pass on my knowledge to my peers.”

Cllr Dr. Mahamed Hashi, Cabinet Member for Safer Communities said, “It is essential that we engage with our young residents to establish the many forms of VAWG that can take place as it is an important factor in creating a campaign that increases our community response in tackling it and accessing the support services available.”

“We have given young people the opportunity to lead the development and design of this project in a way which has not been done before, which has empowered our young people and has proven to be an effective way of putting their voices first.”

Many of our key objectives have been outlined in a number of our strategies including the Lambeth VAWG 2021-2027 Strategy, Child Friendly Lambeth, Lambeth 2030 Borough Plan, and Lambeth Made Safer programme. These have been created by collaborating with young people by having their voices and needs heard and including them in decisions that affect their everyday lives. Making the borough safer for young people to thrive.