Phone support offers convenient and anonymous way to quit smoking in 2018

29 December 2017

Written by: Stop Smoking London

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The aim of the Stop Smoking London helpline is to provide a convenient way for Londoners to access good quality, specialist advice on how to quit smoking. It’s also a gateway to finding out more about the range of free help available in your area.

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If you’re a smoker who wants to kick the habit, you’re not alone.

We know there are around 1.3 million smokers in London and roughly one in three of you want to give up. And it’s highly likely that you’ve tried to at least once already. If this is you, don’t let this dishearten you – you can succeed at quitting, and research tells us that you’re much more likely to with the right support.

If you want to know a bit more about the helpline first, visit the Stop Smoking London website.

If you’re ready to speak to someone, call 0300 123 1044.