Bringing our Communities Together

11 August 2017

Written by: Andrea Brown, BOCT

Focus on Brixton

Bringing our Communities Together invite community projects, organisations and business to support initiatives that celebrate the skills, talents and expressions in our community. They’re hosting an all day music event in Windrush Square on August 19.

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Bringing our Communities Together

Bringing our Communities Together started in 2016, with ‘It’s Your Local Market CIC’. It was a struggle to get projects to participate and work together. We found that most community projects in Lambeth had the same vision but were reluctant to engage in partnerships with projects, develop cohesion and invite local people to share.

Markets and traders

We invite people to express themselves through talent, skills and production. We started a weekly market with Loughborough Farm. Traders support the cafe on a Friday by demonstrating cooking skills. We are working with The Platform and Mission Kitchens, an ongoing development for local business people to occupy workspace and business units.  Through these community projects we have supported community events, supplying market equipment and trading as a local entity.

Events bring people together

We also work in the community looking for potential projects, individuals and organisations that are looking for platform or a voice. We use our events to bring this together and develop partnerships and working relationships. We organise events around themes or current events so people can relate.

Celebrate the music with AndWhat?

The forthcoming “celebrating the music” festival will promote local talent. We will be collaborating with ‘AndWhat?’ a local group of musicians and DJs with a variety of diverse talent. We invited them to take control and organise the entertainment side of our community project. With their following on social media, they bring the community and talent to our festival.  This event is also dedicated to a current issue – Grenfell Tower

Be part of it

We live in a time where there is a lot of hostility and people’s lives are looked on as valueless. We are trying to help people to overcome and look for ways we can bring togetherness. You can help someone with your community support by your presence or participation.

More information

For more music, market, and community events follow Bringing our Communities Together on twitter or follow BOCT on Facebook