Buying sex? Pay the price

30 June 2014

Written by: Campaigns team

Community Safety

Those who buy sex from women involved in street based prostitution are being targeted by an awareness raising campaign and undercover operations led by Lambeth Council and Lambeth Police.

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Buying sex? Pay the price

Some of you have told us you are concerned about men buying sex close to where you live so we are deterring those that attempt to through our Thinking of Buying Sex? Think Again!’ posters, alongside tough enforcement actions aimed at kerb crawlers and providing support to women involved in prostitution.

Our approach to prostitution is clear – it is sexual exploitation and a form of violence against women and girls. The campaign aims to send a clear message that buying sex is unacceptable and for those who continue to do so, there will be consequences. It also aims to reduce the harm done to those involved in prostitution and support them to exit.

If you have concerns about someone involved in prostitution, you can call the Beth Centre on 020 7840 6700.