Lambeth mourns death of local hero David Bowie

11 January 2016

Written by: Campaigns Team

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Lambeth is shocked and saddened at the loss of its much-loved Brixton hero and global superstar.

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Lambeth mourns death of local hero David Bowie

UPDATE (20/0102015)

Since his death there has been a wave of ideas put forward from both residents and Bowie fans across the country. But in the first instance we are working to preserve the impromptu memorial in front of the Tunstall Road mural. We are in contact with Morleys Brixton, the department store, about how best to do this.
Please read more on our update on the Tributes to David Bowie.


Today the world is mourning music legend and artist, David Bowie, who has lost his 18-month battle with cancer.

Tributes are flooding in from industry greats, collaborators, politicians and just about everyone – all shocked and saddened by the news. Bowie had just celebrated his 69th birthday, on which he released his latest album, Blackstar, called his ‘parting gift’ to the world by long-time friend and producer Tony Visconti.

Born at 40 Stansfield Road, Brixton on 8 January 1947, his mum was an usherette at the local cinema (now the Brixton Academy). He lived in Brixton and went to Stockwell Primary School until 1953.

Lambeth, and specifically Brixton, has always been immensely proud of its local hero.

The Brixton Pound ten pound noteIn September 2011 the Brixton Pound local currency featured Bowie on its £10 note.

More recently he’s been immortalised in a mural on the wall of Morley’s department store, in Tunstall Road. The painting, completed in June 2013 by Australian James Cochran, is inspired by the album cover of the 1973 album Aladdin Sane.

The mural is now the site of many floral tributes and messages from local residents.

Lambeth is shocked and saddened at the loss of Brixton hero, David Bowie. The council would like to commemorate Bowie and welcomes suggestions but of course, will discuss any plans with his family at an appropriate time.


16 Thoughts on “Lambeth mourns death of local hero David Bowie

  1. Jacqueline Thompson-Dixon says:

    I too was born in Brixton on the 8th of January I’m not a superstar or anybody important but I still live here and have always love the fact that I shared my day(not year) with one of the worlds greatest singer/song writer/actor born in Brixton on the 8th January, sadly after hearing that David Bowie died I feel my future birthday’s will be missing something special & snow flakes…

    R.I.P David Bowie of BRIXTON

    p.s maybe a statue would be nice to remember him…

    • Eleanor Halls says:

      Hi Jacqueline,

      GQ magazine would like to speak to Brixton residents who grew up in the area at the same time as Bowie. Would you be interested in speaking to us, or know anyone that would?

      Many thanks,

      Eleanor Halls, GQ

      • Jacqueline Thompson-Dixon says:

        Hi Eleanor Halls,
        Many thanks for asking but I was born in the 1960s maybe my father knows more about the decades before I was born…

        Sorry late reply feelings are real but I’m sure by now things have moved on and decisions have been made…

        All the best
        Brixton resident

  2. Local Resident says:

    Stansfield Road should be renamed after him as that’s where he was born and lived during the first six years of his life. The name Stansfield Road has no meaning for its residents (I live there). It speaks volumes that he chose to bring his family back to the street when he found out he was diagnosed with cancer. People have been travelling from afar to Stansfield Road to pay their respects (I’ve spoken to visitors to the street in recent days). For these reasons I believe that renaming the street after him would be the most fitting tribute (along with a blue plaque outside his former home). Renaming another road/square etc after him would be entirely inappropriate.

  3. Stansfield Road Resident says:

    I live on Stansfield Road too and agree with the comments made by the other resident there. The street should be renamed after him as that’s where he was born and lived during the early years of his life. The name Stansfield Road means nothing to those who live there. It is becoming increasingly known for its connections with David Bowie (people have been coming to Stansfield Road in recent days to pay their respects) and as such should be named after him.

    • Eleanor Halls says:

      Hello may I ask how long you have lived there and whether you lived there when Bowie did? GQ magazine are looking to speak to anyone who may have lived in Brixton/on his road at the same time as him!

      Eleanor Halls from GQ magazine

  4. Local Resident says:

    Renaming Stansfield Road after him would be the best move. He was born and raised there for the first few years of his life and brought his family back to the street after he was diagnosed with cancer. The street has been visited by fans since his death, some of whom have travelled from far to visit (I’ve spoken to some of them). The road name means nothing to its residents (I live on this street). For these reasons renaming the street after him would be the best move of all.

  5. andy says:

    Not a statue, please. They are rarely any good. He left Brixton at the age of six. Let’s face it, Beckenham’s claim on him is far stronger.

  6. Dave Manning says:

    Hi I am so sad at David Bowies departing.
    I would like to see some form of statue, but also with the new technology I would like to have built in, a way to listen to David music via wifi from the base of the statue. Only one or two tracks.

  7. Stefano says:

    Brixton should definitely commemorate and celebrate Bowie from here and forever.
    I do not see any major figure in history as important as Bowie to the cultural background of this city, of this neighbourhood and London. Minimun thing to do immedietaly is to place a blue plaque by the house he was born in stansfield road. I have seen complete unknown people being commemorated all around lonodn, living in flats even for 3 months or so. Bowie was born here. Must have a blue plaque. Windrush Square is the most difficult and unpronounceable name I ever heard in my life. Very forgettable and harsh sounding. I call that square Brixton square all the time. So changing this to Bowie could be an option. A statue of Bowie in the square? Not sure… as the statue will be awful as anything been produced so far in London. The Mural should be permanent and bigger. A street festival of music in Brixton should be organised in his name…a yearly event that includes street market, music stands, theatre stands, outdoor events, Bowie was nto only a musician, he was a complete artist… all in the Brixton square and area closing coldharbour lane off the traffic for a weekend.

    • Communications team says:

      Hi Stefano, thanks for your suggestions I will pass them on.
      English Heritage decide on Blue Plaques. People can suggest locations on their website but their rules say “at least 20 years must have passed since a proposed figure’s death”. There are alternative plaque schemes though.

    • Caro says:


      Bowie would not want a name change for Windrush Square nor would Brixton. maybe you dont know the history of Windrush Square. Do find out and you will understand I hope.

    • Eleanor Halls says:

      Hi Stefano. GQ magazine are looking to find anyone who grew up in Brixton from 1946-53 or around the time, so the same time as Bowie, to interview them about Brixton for an important feature. Do you by any chance know anyone in your community who might fit the criteria? Best, Eleanor

  8. Kristian Lavercombe says:

    I’ve started a petition to show our support for Lambeth Council erecting a statue in David Bowie’s honour. Please feel free to copy and paste the link below where you’ll find the petition. Many thanks 🙂

  9. local resident says:

    I think a statue of David Bowie by a local artist would be good

  10. Roger dsy says:

    RIP David Bowie you will surely be missed, they do say that the Lord only takes the best and you were the best

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