Do you know someone who wants help to get online?

13 October 2014

Written by: Campaigns team


The easiest way to access information and keep in touch is via the web. During Get Online Week find out how Digi Buddies volunteers are helping people to surf with confidence.

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Do you know someone who wants help to get online?

What is Digi Buddies?

Digi-buddies is a volunteer support network who aim to get people online who don’t know how.

Digi Buddy drop-in sessions take place each week in a range of locations across the borough, you simply turn up and can get help with whatever you want to do on the computer.

For example, you may want help on how to:

  • use the internet to find information on a hobby,
  • set up and use email,
  • use social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter,
  • contact far away relatives use communication tools such as Skype,
  • do online shopping.

A Digi Buddy’s story

As part of the Do The Right Thing campaign, we met Abigail who volunteers as a Digi Buddy 9 hours a week. She said, “I enjoy helping others, the computer is a massive barrier for some people, so being able to help them do the things they want to do takes the weight off their shoulders”.

We also spoke to Maureen, who had come along to the Brixton Library session for help to organise her e-mails. Maureen said, “When I saw Digi Buddies advertised it was the answer to my prayers! Learning how to e-mail has enabled me to keep in touch with my family, who live far away”.

Would you like to Volunteer as a Digi Buddy?

We’re happy to hear from anyone who wants to become a volunteer. You don’t need to be an expert, just someone who already uses IT and wants to help others. Becoming a volunteer is not only very rewarding, but can also give you the opportunity to gain new skills, gain work experience, and use your skills to help others.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a volunteer, please visit the Digi Buddies website.

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