Celebrate Earth Day with stay-at-home, Earth-friendly activities

21 April 2020

Written by: Veolia & Lambeth Council


For the 50th Earth Day, 22 April, 2020, try some Earth-friendly activities during this stay-at-home period – appreciating our planet from home.

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Celebrate Earth Day with stay-at-home, Earth-friendly activities

With the coronavirus pandemic keeping most of us at home, now’s a great opportunity to take time to appreciate the Earth we live on. To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, we’re asking Lambeth to join in raising awareness of the climate crisis by taking action at home.

Kids get crafty

recycling logo

recycling logo

American student Gary Anderson designed the first recycling symbol for the first Earth Day 50 years ago – it’s still a reminder that recycling correctly, keeping what you recycle clean and dry, is more important than ever. Have a go at drawing or painting the recycling symbol to stick up as a recycling reminder. Or use ‘waste’ to create a collage celebrating your favourite thing about our planet?

Waste-free day

Tips to reduce energy and water wastage at home:

  • Turn off all unused lights and sockets
  • Switch all electronics off by the plug, don’t leave them on standby
  • Try a digital detox by reducing screen time on TVs, laptops, tablets and phones
  • Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth
  • Take shorter showers

Textiles revamp

Rather than binning them, restore clothes from the back of your wardrobe for a new lease of life! Try reworking old bedclothes or curtains into a reusable bag for food shopping.

Use your food

Plan meals with ingredients already in your cupboards, to reduce food waste. Try these recipes – change ingredients if necessary: it’s fun to experiment, and it’s good for your pocket!

Get composting

Want nutrient-rich soil for your garden? Put those food scraps and garden cuttings to good use with home composting. Order your subsidised compost bin and join in!

Take a nature walk

On your daily exercise allowance, take a moment to appreciate the birds, flowers, etc you  see? With fewer cars, it’s easier to listen and look out for urban wildlife!

Make every day Earth Day

On Weds 22 April, join in with digital events for Earth Day fun. Go on doing it – and make every day Earth Day!