New employment services start in September at High Trees

29 August 2017

Written by: Anna Coffey, Head of Business, Communications and Operations, High Trees

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High Trees are excited to launch a new employment service for the Over 50s beginning in September.


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New employment services start in September at High Trees

Support for over 50s jobseekers

 The over 50s are the highest proportion (by age) of out-of-work benefit claimants. In Lambeth and Wandsworth over 2,800 over 50s are unemployed and looking for work.  Almost half have been out of work longer than 12 months. Funded by the Battersea Power Station Foundation, this new support scheme is available entirely free to any Lambeth or Wandsworth resident who is over 50 and currently unemployed.

Tailored support

High Trees recognise that job seekers over 50 are not a homogenous group and will have a diverse range of experiences and needs – the programme will work with each jobseeker to create a programme that is right for them. Residents will receive tailored one-on-one support. This can include CV advice, career coaching, skills development, interview preparation, job matching and in work support.

 Support for those in low paid work or on zero hours contracts

High Trees will also run a programme of employment support for those earning less than London Living Wage (£9.75 per hour) or on insecure or zero hours contracts – this programme, run in partnership with the Walcot Foundation and Trust for London – has seen some fantastic outcomes over the past year with users switching careers, finding more secure employment and securing decent well paid work allowing them to step out of in-work poverty.

More training courses

High Trees also run functional skills courses including:

  • IT
  • courses for people who speak English as a second language (free for Lambeth residents on a low income)
  • accredited courses for those interested in a career in Adult Education or Housing (free for Lambeth Housing tenants)
  • an affordable accredited course for currently employed people wishing to change or improve their career within Information, Advice and Guidance.  These courses start from September and run throughout the autumn term.

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To find out if these programmes will be right for you:

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