New innovative council level rent homes coming to Lambeth by summer 2018

1 December 2017

Written by: Lambeth Council

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We are building four new council level rent homes in Streatham Hill using an innovative building system that could help solve Lambeth’s housing crisis

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New innovative council level rent homes coming to Lambeth by summer 2018

We currently have over 27,000 people on our housing list waiting for a council home and the number of homeless families in temporary accommodation stands at 1,700. That is why we are committed to building more and better homes where we own land which isn’t being used fully.

An innovative approach

As a part of this, we are always looking for more efficient ways to build the homes that the borough needs.  That is why when we were approached by Atkins we decided to work in partnership with them to trial their innovative offsite construction method. This method means that each home is created in a factory before delivering it in a single container and assembling it on site.

While the new homes are being constructed in the factory, work is done to clear and prepare the site, lay the foundations and line up the water, gas, electricity and broadband. By using this approach, the new homes can be built in as little as ten weeks and cost between 20% to 30% less to build than a traditional house.

Four 2-bedroom homes

Through partnering with Atkins, a site was identified for them to try their new construction approach out. This site chosen is currently occupied by dilapidated garages near Hillside Gardens. These garages will be replaced by four two-bedroom homes, all of which are to be rented at council level rent. Following a successful planning application, construction of the four homes are due to be completed by Summer 2018.

Better homes

As a council, we are committed to building 1000 new homes at council level rent for families on our waiting list. These homes will be built to a high standard, fit for the present day, with rigorous energy efficiency standards and built to be easily adapted to residents’ changing circumstances.

Not only are we committed to building new, better homes, but we have also invested £490m in our existing council stock to bring them up to the Lambeth Housing Standard. This will ensure that our residents will be able to enjoy a warm, dry home with new kitchens, bathrooms and windows.

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