Lambeth backs Plastic Free July to reduce plastic consumption

3 July 2023

Written by: Lambeth Council


Lambeth Council is urging residents to join Plastic Free July with tips throughout the month to help local residents cut their plastic consumption.

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Lambeth backs Plastic Free July to reduce plastic consumption

Plastic pollution is a pressing issue, with 430 million tonnes produced each year, a significant portion of which cannot be recycled. According to the United Nations Environment Programme if current trends continue, plastic will contribute to 19 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions by 2024.

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Cllr Rezina Chowdhury, the Deputy Leader of Lambeth Council, said:

“Plastic Free July is a good opportunity to think about plastic, its effects on the environment and how we can make a difference. Given how plastic pollution affects life all over the world, it’s important we act.”

”Throughout the month we have a focus on different ways in which we can individually make a difference. Be that by using less single-use plastics, recycling properly or choosing food with less packaging when doing the weekly shop. Small changes can make a big difference.”

The ‘mini-challenges’ each week in July will help the campaign:

Plastic drinks containers – from July 3 to July 9

  • Residents are encouraged to avoid single-use containers and explore alternatives like reusable coffee cups and water bottles
  • Ideas include joining a milk delivery subscription where they refill your glass bottles and deliver to your door, cutting out the plastic waste of a milk carton
  • Reusable coffee cups are easy to come by, easy to clean, and a great way to enjoy your morning brew, plastic-free
  • Reusable water bottles are also a great alternative to buying new plastic ones every time – many brands also have heat-tech technology that keep your drink cooler for longer

Food shopping – from July 10 to July 16

  • Buy your fresh produce loose – there are reusable vegetable bags that you can refill every time you do your weekly shopping
  • For other non-fresh food items, you can refill existing containers with dedicated refill shops dotted across South London

Reusable bags – from July 17 to July 23

  • Use a tote bags or trolleys when shopping instead of a supermarket plastic bag
  • Put recyclable materials into their green recycling wheelie bin, rather than in a clear sack

Proper plastic recycling – July 24 to July 30

  • Some rubbish must be thrown away, lets aim to get the right thing in the right bin
  • Plastics that hold their shape, like milk cartons, egg boxes, tubs and pots can be put loose in your green bin – after being emptied and rinsed
  • Soft plastics that don’t hold their shape such as bread bags, film on a ready meal, clingfilm can’t be recycled so must be put in your black bin.
  • Check the Lambeth A-Z Guide to make sure we all do it right