Lambeth roads go 20mph

29 July 2015

Written by: Campaigns team

Community Safety - Council statements and updates - Transport

Our aim is to make Lambeth’s streets the safest and greenest streets in London. From November 2015, work will commence to introduce a new 20mph speed limit borough wide.

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Lambeth roads go 20mph

Reducing speeds to 20mph will

  • Cut the number of casualties in the borough
  • Improve pedestrian safety
  • Encourage more confidence among cyclists and
  • Cut the number of accidents around schools.

Reducing speed limits also brings other benefit such as; improving health and air quality as more people cycle or walk.

We are committed to making Lambeth one of the most cycle-friendly boroughs in London. Lambeth cabinet member for Environment & Sustainability, Cllr Jennifer Brathwaite, says: “We want safer streets in Lambeth; streets where people enjoying living and working and where they feel safe to walk and cycle”.

Driving slower on residential roads has been proven to reduce traffic accidents, making the urban environment safer, especially for pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclist who make up 80% of serious and fatal collisions.

Our plans to introduce a lower speed limit were given an overwhelming ‘thumbs up’ by residents we spoke to at the recent Country Show. Cyclists in particular felt they would be more confident on the main road with vehicles travelling at lower speeds.

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