Love your clothes

14 March 2014

Written by: Campaigns Team


When was the last time you had a really good look through your wardbrobe?

Research has found that UK households have about £1,200 worth of clothing forgotten about in wardrobes, cupboards and under beds!

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Love your clothes

A new website shows you how to make the most of the clothes you have and provides easy, practical tips and advice on how to:

  • make your clothes last longer
  • reduce the environmental impact of laundering your clothes
  • deal with unwanted clothes

Recycling unwanted clothing

If you have clothes that you no longer need or wear you can donate them for reuse by dropping them into one of local textile recycling points. We have a network of points right across the borough. Visit to find your nearest.

Top tip! Even if your clothes are not in a good enough condition to be worn again, they can be dropped into one of the local points for recycling.