Are you having one too many? Don’t bottle it up!

9 January 2019

Written by: Public Health Lambeth

Health and Wellbeing

Lambeth has launched a new online service called ‘Drink Coach with a 2 minute online test to check if people are putting their health at risk.

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Are you having one too many? Don’t bottle it up!

You might feel you have overindulged on alcohol at this time of year and you could be putting your health at risk. So Lambeth Council has launched a new online service called DrinkCoach – which helps residents understand the risks associated with their drinking and where they can go locally for advice and support.

Word from the Cabinet

Cllr Ed Davie, Lambeth Council Cabinet Member for Health and Adult Social Care, welcomed the new service, saying: “We know that a quarter of Lambeth residents binge drink at least once a week and 38% of adults drink more than the recommended 14 units per week – higher than the national average. This has led to an increase in alcohol-related hospital admissions. DrinkCoach makes it easy for them to assess how risky their drinking is in complete confidence and receive personalised advice or find out where to go for help that lets them get back on top and take control of alcohol.”

2 minutes, 12 questions

By answering 12 simple questions, users can receive advice and, where appropriate, information on local face-to-face support. The test only takes two minutes to complete and is confidential.

For more information

  • Download the free DrinkCoach app to track and change your drinking.
  • #TakeTheAlcoholTest for free, quick & personalised advice about your drinking. Cut down and feel the benefits.  Take the test.
  • Follow DrinkCoach on Facebook or Twitter