Quietway 5 Waterloo to Norbury

13 October 2016

Written by: Lambeth Environment

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Lambeth Council is working with its partners Transport for London (TfL), on this local engagement. We would like to know your views on the proposed changes to provide the new cycle route through the Vauxhall – Landsdowne Garden area which forms a section of Q5 Waterloo to Norbury.

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Quietway 5 Waterloo to Norbury

The Lambeth section of Quietway 5 route starts at Baylis Road through to Tooting Bec Common and extends to the border of London Borough of Croydon. The London Borough of Wandsworth, London Borough of Croydon, and Transport for London are either consulting at the same time as us, or have concluded their consultations for their sections of the cycle route.

What are Quietways?

Quietways will be a network of high quality, well signed cycle routes throughout London, mostly using backstreets. The routes will link key destinations and are designed to appeal to new and existing people that cycle who want to use quieter, low-traffic routes. Quietways will complement other cycling initiatives in London, such as the Cycle Superhighways.

How does this affect me?

Lambeth is proposing changes to two locations along the route, please see the proposed changes and designs at the links below.

Claylands Road

  • Introduce cycle friendly speeds hump along within close proximity to the junction with Meadow Road

Thorne Road

  • Replace existing speed cushions with cycle friendly speed humps between Landsdowne Gardens and South Lambeth Road

Transport for London is proposing changes at one location along the route, please see the proposed changes and designs at the links below

Aldebert Terrace/Thorne Road

  • The loading bay on Aldebert Terrace is to be moved four metres east of the junction and extended by five metres.
  • The existing Advanced Stop Line (ASL) on Aldebert Terrace is to be reconfigured to increase space for cyclists.
  • The new kerb build out is to accommodate the ASL, and the existing cycle lanes on Aldebert Terrace and Thorne Lane are to be removed, to improve the alignment for cyclists approaching the junction.


How to contact us

If you have any specific concerns or suggestions, please let us know by 6 November. You can contact us via the following means:

Email – stengagement@tfl.gov.uk – please use ‘Q5 – Aldebert/Thorne’ as the subject.

When is the work likely to start?

We hope to start work on these changes in Spring 2017. We will contact people affected closer to the time to let them know exact dates when the works will be carried out.

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