We are trying out a new way to recycle

15 January 2016

Written by: Campaigns team

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In Lambeth we are committed to improving the way we collect your waste and increasing the amount we recycle. To help us achieve this we are trialling the use of green wheeled recycling bins instead of your usual recycling sacks in the Herne Hill area.

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We are trying out a new way to recycle

We believe that the green bins will be easy to use and, unlike the clear recycling sacks, the closed lids will prevent them being opened by foxes and other wildlife. This will help keep our streets cleaner.

If the trial is successful we will be extending the service to the rest of the borough to replace the clear recycling sacks. The green wheeled bins will be in addition to the normal black waste bins that you already have.

Why are we trialling new recycling bins?

We believe that the new bin will make it easier to store your recycling between collections and will also keep it contained, meaning fewer spillages and cleaner pavements. The new bin will give you a lot more room for your recycling. It also means that you no longer need to use clear recycling sacks which is better for the environment.

Recycling is important for a number of reasons. The more we recycle the more we reduce the impact on our environment. It also saves us money – the cost of disposing of rubbish in your black bin is almost six times as much as recycling it.

Find out more

If your property is included in the trial you will receive a letter shortly. You can also find out more about the trial on our recycling bin guide webpage, which also includes a frequently asked questions section.

To find out more about your waste and recycling services, please visit www.lambeth.gov.uk/recycling.


20 Thoughts on “We are trying out a new way to recycle

  1. Paul R says:

    I actually like the new green slimline recycling bin BUT I am disabled so keep a small recycling bin in the kitchen for ease of access; the problem I now have is that I don’t have any clear bags for the interior bin and I can’t lift the whole thing to tip it into the green wheelie outside! Is there any way I can have some new bags to line my indoor bin and enable me to carry out the recycling in small batches? Carrier bags are 5p to encourage you to reuse them so I am at a loss.

  2. C F says:

    THe unsightly enormous recycling bin we were given is far too big for this address as sadly my neighbours do not recycle. would it be possible to swap this monstrosity for the smallest one you have. Thank you.

    • Communications team says:


      If you are finding the recycling bin too large, you can apply for a re-assessment and the form can be found at http://www.lambeth.gov.uk/greenbins.


      • Nicole says:

        I am 75 years old living in a single household and found the 240l bin far too large for my needs as well as too heavy to manoeuvre even when empty. I requested a smaller green recycling bin 2 months ago using the contact given above but I am still waiting. The contact adress no longer accepts requests for smaller bins. Yet, I gave the above contact details to one of my neighbours in a similar situation some 2 weeks later and she received hers 3 weeks ago. Is getting a smaller bin a lottery?

        • Communications team says:

          Hi Nicole,
          Apologies, I have spoken with the service manager and they are going to arrange for your bin to be swapped after your next collection.

  3. Amanda Macdonald says:

    Not sure that the time and cost of this trial is worth it. We are a large family, and last week couldn’t even recycle all our recyclable waste as the bin was full. It isn’t possible to phone Lambeth to talk about this, I’ve had to send an email, which historically has never resulted in a reply.
    So, only one day after bin day, and already we are storing recycling in the house. Or, the easy thing to do would be to put the recycling in the general waste, which is a ridiculous option.
    Lambeth – why not host a helpline for this trail, so the duration of the trial, to manage issues? The lack of two-way communication is terrible.

    • Communications team says:

      Hi Amanda, thank you for your comments.
      We do want feedback on the trial and you should have received a leaflet with contact details. One of my colleagues has emailed you for more details and to see how we can help you further.

  4. Jacob Dean says:

    I think this is a bad idea. Doubling the number of bins outside properties will look very ugly, even if they are properly stored off the street. Delay in putting them back inside the property after collection will cause more street clutter and obstruction. The clear bags work well. On my street I have never seen a problem with them being opened by wildlife.

  5. MrsT says:

    How long is the trial for and how are you measuring its success or failure? I am in the trial area and in a block of 7 flats. We will now have 6-8 wheelie bins to store in our garden and will take up the whole pavement! Will give it a go but want to understand your process.

  6. Maci says:

    What assessments have you conducted to determine the barriers to recycling in Lambeth? I understood the flats/estates have far lower levels of recyling than houses – in that respect why pick Herne Hill as representative of Lambeth?
    I have no desire to house a wheelie bin on property – are you intending to offer residents a choice of solutions post-trial? If not why not.
    On the subject of cleaner pavements how about tackling the more serious problems of dog fouling and fly tipping?

    • Communications team says:

      Hi Maci.
      Following initial feedback we have created a new article to answer the questions people have asked. It can be read at https://love.lambeth.gov.uk/recycling-bin-trial-update1/
      Regarding dog fouling and flytipping etc. we are taking steps to reduce this too, and will shortly be introducing a new ASB team with the power to issue on the spot fines.

  7. Lizzie says:

    I love the current system. I have clear bags I can fill in my kitchen and then tie up and put outside. I can use as many bags as I like each week to suit my needs. This is great as you are restricting the volume of general waste to the black bin and so encourages recycling. I’ve never had a problem with wildlife – why on earth do they raid recycling – there shouldn’t be anything in there to smell tempting. And if you’re not allowed to put plastic bags in that makes it harder to store the recycling inside. I don’t want another monstrous bin cluttering up my property -especially given the current system is superior to most LAs.
    I hope the trial is enlightening.

  8. Richard May says:

    I live in a house with a frontage barely big enough to store the small black wheelie bin. Where do the council propose I store a second bigger bin? Are you happy for it to be parked in the pavement in front of my house? I’m guessing not! Please don’t waste our money on more wheelie bins, which will only serve to clutter our streets in the same way Southwark streets are cluttered with their multi coloured bins. The current bag system works fine. We don’t need this change.

    • Communications team says:

      Hi Richard,
      An assessment of all the properties in the trial area has been made before the bins are delivered to ensure they can accommodate them.
      If you are in the trial area please try to work with the bin you’ve been allocated unless you feel that there is a health and safety risk, in which case contact our customer services on 020 7926 9000 or email recycling@lambeth.gov.uk.
      You can also find out more at http://www.lambeth.gov.uk/recyclingbin

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