Man vs Fat supporting men to lose weight

9 April 2018

Written by: Lambeth Council

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A free Overweight & obese programme exclusively for men only to lose weight and support a healthier Lifestyle.

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What is it all about

The intervention is available for 16+ male participants to support men who find weight watchers and other weight loss programmes unappealing.

It appeals to men who love football, but hate being overweight. Small sided Teams of men play a weekly game of football with a weigh-in beforehand.

The goals from the game are added to bonus goals teams can earn through their performance on the scales.

Everyone’s a winner

The process gamifies weight loss and makes this the only league where losers win. The league is designed to support men with a multi-layered behaviour change process, which engages men through the game and through online and offline support networks.

These include the:

And the:

Which reaches over half a million men every year. Players are also supported with a specially-produced handbook, apps and a dedicated MAN v FAT Football Weight Loss Coach.

Sign up now

Starts on 7 September, 8pm at Ferndale Sports Centre.

Sign up today at ManvFatFootball/Lambeth

(Registration cost £1 which will be refunded once the programme achieves 20 participants signed up to the programme.)

Keep up to date and follow ManvFat on Twitter

Every player is in the same situation and wants the same thing to enjoy football, lose weight and get healthier. We give support to every player with unique resources, inspiration and 24/7 support to help you lose weight, get fitter and enjoy the beautiful game.