Age Does Not Define Us – Age UK AGM

15 October 2017

Written by: Age UK Lambeth

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October is Age Uk’s ‘celebrating age’ month. But the most important event is our annual general meeting on 17 October with a key speech on “the Age of No Retirement”.

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Age Does Not Define Us – Age UK AGM

‘Age does not define us’ is title of the talk being given at Age UK Lambeth’s AGM by this year’s guest speaker, Dr Jonathan Collie, co-founder of The Age of No Retirement. 


In today’s world, the labels ‘age’ and ‘generations’ that have for many years been used to define us, have become increasingly irrelevant. In fact, they have become downright dangerous. They undermine our sense of self-worth, cause division in our society and hold us back.

Challenge the old words

The Age of No Retirement is a movement for social change. We are part design lab, part research unit, part network and part storyteller. We are also full-time collaborators, and 100% committed to creating a world where our age, and how many birthdays we have, no longer matters.

Redesigning  businesses and products for older people

We facilitate debate and discussion around the value that an intergenerational society brings to us — as citizens, as consumers, as workers — and the positive impact this has on the products and services we interact with every single day. We work with corporations, small businesses, the media, government, third sector organisations and people of all ages and backgrounds to create products, services and environments that challenge the boundaries of age and that work for all of us — however young or old we are.

Trading Times

In 2014, Jonathan launched Trading Times – the online service that connects people over 50 with local employers for flexible, paid work. As a direct result of insights gained from Trading Times, Jonathan became committed to changing the narrative of Age – from one of dependence and decline to one of exploration and optimism.

And following Jonathan, join us for lunch.

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