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10 July 2017

Written by: Lambeth Council

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Lambeth has some of the highest levels of air pollution in the UK. We’re doing all we can to combat this but real progress can only be made if better infrastructure and resources are made available. Watch our video to understand why we’re asking the government to act.

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 What we’re asking for

We’re calling on central government to:

  • Introduce a national diesel scrappage scheme, supporting the Mayor of London’s Proposal for a National Scrappage Scheme. Over 70,000 of the most polluting diesel vans and minibuses could be removed from London’s roads and reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by up to 40 percent.
  • Change the legislation on idling – we’d like to see the fine increased and the legal time for engine idling reduced.
  • Reverse the cuts to Defra air quality funding and ring-fence a section for London.
  • Protect our residents from the impact of Brexit by maintaining the current EU air quality standards. New processes will be required to ensure international collaboration to reduce environmental hazards such as air pollution.

Sign the Better Air petition.


More ways you can support the campaign for Better Air

  • Volunteer
    If you’d like to volunteer with our anti-idling project or join our community of Green Champions, please email
  • Make a pledge for Better Air
    So far 20 of you have signed a pledge for Better Air, with many more tweeting pledges on social media. It’s a great start but we think we can do a lot better! Make your Better Air pledge here.
  • Visit the Sustainability Team at the Lambeth Country Show
    Next, the Sustainability Team will be heading to the Ecozone at the Lambeth Country Show. They’ll have their anti-idling snakes and ladders game for children to play as well be there to talk about their new Air Quality Action Plan whilst helping you get involved with the Better Air Campaign.