Over eighty percent of Lambeth care home staff have now been given their first vaccine

14 July 2021

Written by: Lambeth Council

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Lambeth Council has today confirmed that 81 percent of all care home staff have received at least one dose of Covid-19 vaccine.

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Over eighty percent of Lambeth care home staff have now been given their first vaccine

The total number of care home staff who received their first dose of vaccine has increased by almost 30% since the council established the dedicated Care Homes Vaccine Uptake Taskforce in April.

During that time, the total uptake rate for care homes across the borough has risen from 52% to 81% and has now reached the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) target of 80% for first-dose staff vaccinations.

The taskforce has been working with care home providers and other partners to address staff concerns and empower them to receive the vaccine.

Cllr Jim Dickson, joint Cabinet Member for Health & Social Care, said: “Lambeth Council and South East London CCG have been working tirelessly to support and encourage care home staff, and residents, to get vaccinated.

“The taskforce has had tremendous success since it was established. They have taken time to engage with care home providers to better understand the reasons why some staff are hesitant.

“We know that vaccination is an essential tool to protect vulnerable care home residents, staff, and their families. This is along with other crucial infection control measures that care home continue working hard to implement.

Work to boost vaccine uptake has intensified in recent weeks since the Government announced plans to make a double dose of vaccine compulsory for all care home staff from October.

Between June 28 – July 5, there was a 4.8% rise in the number of staff vaccinated.

There are 39 care homes in Lambeth with nearly 1,500 staff who come from a range of different backgrounds.

Seventeen care homes have met SAGE’s twin targets of 80% staff and 90% resident vaccinations, with all homes working towards meeting these targets.

Cllr Dickson added: “It is welcome news that 17 homes now meet both criteria under SAGE’s guidelines, and our work continues.

“Our goal is to ensure as many people as possible are protected from the virus.

“We will continue to work alongside our care homes to continue with the great progress by speaking to staff, addressing their concerns, and providing facts for them to make an informed choice.”