New date for deciding future of Culture 2020

7 July 2015

Written by: Councillor Jane Edbrooke - Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods

Arts, culture and events

Lambeth Council’s cabinet is scheduled to consider the outcome of the Culture 2020 consultation into the future of the borough’s parks, open spaces, libraries, archives, sports and physical activities and the arts in September.

With so much input from residents, charities and third sector organisations on the wide ranging consultation we’ve had to delay the original date of the report until after the summer holidays.

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New date for deciding future of Culture 2020

The number and quality of written responses to our three month consultation has given us a lot to consider and we need to make sure this is done properly.

We’ve had alternative proposals from a range or organisations, including our internal library service, a not-for-profit enterprise and the Save our Libraries campaign. We want to really thoroughly look at all these options and see if they are financially viable before we make important decisions about the future of our cultural services.

The council faces a huge strain on its budget and needs to make savings of 40 per cent, worth around £4 million, from its spending on cultural services.

Of course it’s a big financial challenge, but we’re working hard to deliver the best possible service with the remaining money. Instead of slicing away at the budget we’ve decided to look at redesigning the whole area through Culture 2020 so we can best meet community needs.

I’ve always thought Lambeth residents would come up with lots of fresh thinking to help us find a new way forward and I’m pleased to say they have delivered.