Disability Hate Crime: Challenge it, report it, stop it

25 September 2018

Written by: Lambetrh Disability Advice Services (DASL)

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On Wednesday 17 October Lambeth is hosting a day focused on Disability Hate Crime as part of National Hate Crime Awareness Week.

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Disability Hate Crime: Challenge it, report it, stop it

Disability Hate Crime is often mistakenly reported as anti-social behaviour or low-level harassment. And when it’s not reported as hate crime, disabled people continue to suffer, sometimes with tragic consequences.

Awareness event

This National Hate Crime Awareness Week event, organised by DASL with the Lambeth Disability Hate Crime Partnership, is for anyone who wants to know more about identifying and reporting hate crime and how to get support if you are, or if you know, a disabled person who is a victim of a hate crime.

“Should be a right”

David Strong, DASL Director, says: “Keeping safe and enjoying life without daily verbal harassment, physical threats, bullying or worse should be a right for all Disabled people. Sadly, through the work of our Hate Crime Advocacy service, we know that many Disabled residents have been victims of sustained and long-term abuse by neighbours that has had a devastating impact on their life”.

Aims of the day

  • How Disability Hate Crime can be misunderstood as anti-social behaviour
  • Why reporting is important and how DASL’s Hate Crime Advocacy Worker can support you
  • Learn more about Inclusion London’s new Disability Hate Crime Project working with Deaf and Disabled People’s Organisations to develop support services across London
  • Information stalls, speakers, lots of time to talk to each other, meet with local Police, Housing providers, local Police and other organisations that can help you to keep safe

For more information

  • For details of this event and to book your place see the Council’s Events Calendar
  • Disability Advice Service Lambeth (DASL) works in partnership with other charities that can support victims to develop new friendships and social lives as part of their recovery after being a victim of Disability Hate Crime. DASL are the lead organisation of the Lambeth Disability Hate Crime Partnership formed in 2014.
  • Reports of Disability Hate Crime are increasing year on year. For more details see these information pages from the BBC; from the Lambeth Disability Hate Crime Partnership and from DASL
  • For more about other kinds of Hate Crime and what’s happening during National Hate Crime Awareness Week 2018 see their information pages

This event is part of 2018 Disability Awareness Month. Lambeth’s Equality Commission is supporting it as part of our campaign to raise awareness of disability.