How to use Easter Holidays like a career pro

1 April 2017

Written by: Success at School

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Easter Holidays are around the corner – finally! But while you’re taking some time out, did you know you can sneakily get a head-start on your career as well?

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How to use Easter Holidays like a career pro

Here are 4 fun and easy ways to do so…

  1. Revise for your exams!

We know revising for exams isn’t exactly the most fun. But as well as helping you ace your tests, a good revision session has another benefit: it can help you develop some really useful skills. From research abilities to problem solving – and even teamwork – these are the qualities that employers love.

  1. Get a new hobby

Easter is a great time to have fun learning a new hobby and can also give your career a boost. Learning to code, for example, will make you really stand out to employers, and will help your analytical and logical thinking skills. Johnny turned his passion for surfing into a career!

  1. Track down the career that’s right for you

Have no idea what you want to do when you grow up? It’s ok to be a bit stuck for ideas. Take some time over the holidays to check out different career industries and job roles, so you can match up your interests and skills with a great career path.

  1. Give back

Volunteering is a feel-good activity for your Easter holidays. As well as making a contribution to your community, volunteering can also help when it comes to applying for jobs.

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