GLOWS: makerspace and hotdesks for Lambeth entrepreneurs

5 September 2018

Written by: Tree Shepherd

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The former Greenleaf Close council offices in Tulse Hill have been transformed into a light and bright co-working space – GLOWS. Its first businesses moved in at the start of September.

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GLOWS: makerspace and hotdesks for Lambeth entrepreneurs

GLOWS is a home for Lambeth’s local entrepreneurs and creatives. The space is a former Lambeth Council office, now managed by social enterprise Tree Shepherd, and owned by the community – Tulse Hill Forum and the Tulse Hill Tenants and Residents Association.

From furniture to healthcare

Colin Crooks, CEO of Tree Shepherd, says “We are thrilled to have our first three makers moving in this week – a furniture upcycler, a skincare product maker, and even an acupuncturist – and there’s plenty more space still available.

Dreams into reality

“GLOWS is open for all Lambeth to share. It’s a transformative space where individuals turn their hopes and dreams into reality, meet each other, share ideas and services. Please join us or give us a call to find out more.”

What’s on offer at GLOWS?

GLOWS allows entrepreneurs to make that jump from home to their first professional space. It features a photography and video studio, a makerspace for artists, jewellers and sewers, training rooms, and hotdesks. It includes huge purpose-built tables for making and pattern cutting, storage areas, meeting rooms, a kitchen and bathroom facilities.

Helping each other

Small businesses can also benefit from the space through networking alongside other like-minded entrepreneurs for inspiration, companionship and community.

For more information

  • GLOWS offers affordable packages , like 60 hours per month, 30 hours per month or pay as you go daily rate. All Lambeth residents, from creative designers to trainers and office-based businesses are encouraged to come down and get involved. Please see GLOWS information pages, email Claudette Douglas, Centre Manager or call 07715 565268.
  • Tree Shepherd is a social enterprise, helping people create new opportunities and supporting businesses under pressure of change. Tree Shepherd started in 2013, and has supported over 700 entrepreneurs to start small businesses through training, development and the Forest Network of local enterprises. See their information pages 
  • Tulse Hill Forum is an independent voluntary group who aim to provide a place where local people can get involved in making decisions that affect the Tulse Hill area. Several local groups are involved in the project. See their information pages
  • Tulse Hill Tenants and Residents Association is one of several TRAs in the local area campaigning to improve and co-ordinate services on estates. Find out more about TRAs on the Council’s information pages