Apprentices can build their own neighbourhoods

29 May 2014

Written by: Campaigns team

Better Lambeth - Jobs and skills

Trainee site manager, Zethan Anderson, is set to graduate this month with flying colours. Working at Myatt’s Field North, close to where he grew up, 20-year-old Zethan is happy he made the right choice with his training.

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“I like the fact you can get experience of the trades you’re co-ordinating whilst liaising with the different professionals of the construction and design teams. There are lots of opportunities for anyone who wants to pursue a career in construction  – especially on this project. I would definitely recommend it. I was fortunate. I thought I’d need a degree to start in my role so I jumped at the chance when I found I was chosen to give it a go.”

You can find out more about Zethan, Shaqueele (our March apprentice of the month) and Miguele in our short film about life as an apprentice at Myatt’s Field North.

With thousands of jobs in the pipeline at nearby Nine Elms, on Future Brixton projects and on major sites across the borough, the future looks good for Zethan.

You could be building the new homes and work spaces in Lambeth

We want more young people like Shaqueele and  Zethan to rebuild their neighbourhoods.

As part of Future Brixton, 45 apprenticeships are already planned for the development at Your New Town Hall. And hundreds will get their first break in construction through developments at Nine Elms.

If you’re interested in an apprenticeship in construction Lambeth Working is planning a Construction Summer Course where 4 weeks of pre-employment training will see 12 new apprentices employed by Byrne Bros. Contact to find out more.

You can find out more about Future Brixton plans here.

You can find out more about the transformation of Nine Elms on the South Bank here.


2 Thoughts on “Apprentices can build their own neighbourhoods

  1. David Tootill says:

    I want to nominate our apprentice, Luke Bryant, for your next apprentice of the month. He lives and works in North Lambeth and has made a huge impact to our social enterprise: Southbank Mosaics. Not only has Luke shown good organising and building skills at his work, putting our studio in order, he is also great at mixing with all the different groups (homeless people, young people in trouble with the police, senior citizens, those suffering physical and mental impairment, kids from schools, expert artists, volunteers) who come to sessions with us, having a kind and gentle manner with a ready sense of humour. I would be difficult to imagine us coping without him and he is worth his weight in gold.

    • Olivia, webteam says:

      Hi David, thanks very much for telling us about Luke, he sounds like a bright spark, we’ll keep him in mind for apprentice of the month! Let us know if you’re ever looking for apprentices too, we can help get the word out. Thanks, Olivia

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