Lambeth backing inclusive education

31 July 2019

Written by: Communications team

Children and young people

Following the recent protests against LGBT+ inclusive relationships education being taught in primary schools that started in Birmingham, and have now been seen elsewhere in the country, Lambeth council has written to all schools in the borough reaffirming its commitment to inclusive education.

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Lambeth backing inclusive education

Lambeth is proudly home to one of the most diverse populations anywhere in the UK and estimates suggest that Lambeth has one of the largest LGBT+ populations in London.


Cllr Jenny Brathwaite, Lambeth’s Deputy Leader, said in the letter: “I want to assure you that Lambeth council will stand firmly alongside every single one of our schools delivering LGBT+ inclusive education and will never bow down to bigotry or allow intolerance to dictate what is taught to our children.

“Lambeth is proudly home to one of the most diverse populations anywhere in the UK. We are a melting pot of different cultures, beliefs, background and experiences, and this is what makes our borough so strong. It is important that this diversity and understanding of difference is a central part of educating the young people who are growing up and learning in Lambeth schools.

“The teaching of LGBT+ inclusive relationships education at primary school, and relationships and sex education at secondary school, is hugely important. Teaching about LGBT+ families and identities ensures that children from LGBT+ families or who might have an LGBT+ identity themselves are reflected in what they learn.

“It also helps tackle the anti-LGBT+ bullying that is still a serious problems in schools across the country by teaching all young people that there is nothing wrong or unusual about being LGBT+.  Understanding and celebrating difference is a key part of creating a more open and loving society.

“Lambeth schools are already doing a fantastic job of making education LGBT+ inclusive and offering relationships and sex education that teaches children about healthy relationships and the different kind of families and identities that exist in our society.  We look forward to inclusive education continuing and growing within our schools – which we will be proud to support and uphold.”

Relationships and Sex Education

From September 2020 onwards, all primary schools in England will be required to teach about different families, including LGBT families, and all secondary schools in England will be required to teach about sexual orientation and gender identity.

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