LCS Food Trader Award 2016

12 August 2016

Written by: Lambeth Council

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We’re pleased to announce the winner of the Lambeth Country Show Food Trader Award 2016 was Bradley West and his team at Manjula Catering.

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LCS Food Trader Award 2016

The aim of the Food Trader Award is to get traders thinking conscientiously about their food and where it comes from, but also to recognise those who are already doing this. Judges, including Council staff, the Mayor of Lambeth and Councillors, shortlisted 5 stalls from over 80 on offer at the show. Points were awarded for menus using healthy, seasonal, fresh and local ingredients. Stall and food presentation, as well as the use of Fairtrade, free range and organic products was also considered.

We chose them as winners for many reasons:

  • They compost any food waste to use for gardening and are setting up an allotment which they want to use to grow vegetables for the business in the future
  • When they go to the market to choose ingredients they try to buy only seasonal veg with the least possible air miles (so from the UK where possible or Europe if not)
  • They use compostable packaging and cutlery only
  • All of their drinks on offer are either Fairtrade or organic
  • All of their food is cooked from scratch with low salt and no processed ingredients – All of their meals were vegan (apart from one which contained a little honey – no dairy at all). The environmental impact of the meat and dairy industries is a hot topic at the moment and Manjula are doing their bit to reduce their impact overall.
  • They had a well-priced meal deal of a curry and a drink for £7

Our remaining finalists, who came highly commended, were: (in no particular order)

  • The Only Way Is Coffee
  • Anna Mae’s Mac N Cheese
  • French & Grace
  • Goodness Gracious Healthy Foods

Read more about these finalists.

As a ‘Food Flagship’ borough, Lambeth is committed to raising the profile of healthy, sustainable food. We aim to build on our famous markets, schools, community gardens and small food businesses to make Lambeth the go-to destination in London for diverse, healthy and exciting food. Our vision is for all Lambeth residents to have the knowledge, passion and skills to grow, buy, cook and enjoy food with their family, friends and community.

Find out more about the Lambeth Food Flagship Programme.