Making a difference in your local area

22 October 2014

Written by: Campaigns team

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Since 2007 there have been over 400 Community Freshviews across Lambeth.  As part of our Do The Right Thing campaign we went along to a recent freshview in Streatham Common.

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Making a difference in your local area
Local Streatham father Mark, who organised a Community Freshview in Streatham Common playground

Local Streatham father Mark, who organised the Community Freshview in Streatham Common playground

After spending a lot of time in Streatham Common with his son, local parent Mark Lord noticed that while the council litter pickers could pick up the main items of rubbish, there were a lot of tiny items scattered about the playground area such as lolly sticks, straws and cigarette butts. Mark was concerned about his child picking these items up so he decided to organise a Community Freshview of the playground.

The clean-up took place on a Sunday morning, and began with a small group who had heard about the event through local Facebook group Streatham Mums or via the Friends of Streatham Common. Within a short time though, parents and their children who were using the playground wanted to join in too.

One of the other parents using the park said, ”We’re down here all the time with our little ones, this is a great idea as it gives us a chance to give something back”.

The event was supported by the council’s Community Freshview team, who provided safety equipment, refuse sacks and tools.

What is a Community Freshview?

A Community Freshview is an opportunity to bring your neighbours together for a day to spruce up your street or local area. This could include brightening up a green space, giving a facelift to a disused area of land or any other activity that improves the local environment. We will help residents do this by giving equipment, expertise and some extra helping hands.

The feedback from participants has been really positive and it’s been amazing to see the difference they have made. Take a look at the Facebook group to read more at

If you would like to find out more please contact the Community Freshview team on 020 7926 0524, email or visit the Community Freshview webpage.