Nominate for Lambeth staff awards

29 August 2014

Written by: Simon Hornsby, Lambeth Council Internal Communications Officer

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Do you know someone who works for the council that deserves recognition? Nominate them for a Love Lambeth Award and make their day.

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Nominate for Lambeth staff awards

Every year we celebrate the work of council colleagues who’ve done something special, big or small, that’s improved Lambeth and the lives of people who live here.

We of course expect our colleagues at the council to do their very best for the people of Lambeth every day, but we also know that many people who work here aren’t content to deliver the minimum expectations set out in their job description.

Many have a real sense of service and are driven by a desire to make things better. You could call them unsung heroes – they don’t do what they do in the hope of getting an award or special recognition and we think that’s even more reason why their work shouldn’t be overlooked.

Last year our awards highlighted some great examples of council staff going the extra mile – their inspirational stories show that it’s possible to make a difference regardless of job or level of responsibility.

Stories from last year include that of Tony, our Traffic Management Co-ordinator. He was meant to be on leave the day of the Vauxhall helicopter crash last January, but changed his plans to come into work to help keep the public safe and the city on the move.

Thanks to nominations from Lambeth citizens, we were able to recognise the work of people like Joanne. She works with tenants and residents associations in our borough and is tireless in the support she offers. The person who nominated Joanne said that what mattered most was her attitude – always ready with a smile and keen to help others.

If you’ve come into contact with someone like this at Lambeth Council then please tell us about them by writing to, mark your email ‘Love Lambeth Awards’. Tell us about how you came into contact with the person you’re nominating, how they helped you and why you think they deserve recognition.

All nominees will receive a certificate and a small gift as a thank you. They’ll be invited to a ceremony at the Town Hall later this year where our award winners will be announced. Tell us about a council employee who’s done something special and you too can join them at this special event.