Wyvil Primary School children’s art auction

26 June 2017

Written by: Wyvil Primary School

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Wyvil Primary School children invite you to a fundraising auction on Friday 30th June from 2pm to 3pm. All money raised will be shared equally between the school fund and their favourite charity, WaterAid.

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Wyvil Primary School children’s art auction

By supporting WaterAid, Wyvil Primary School not only raise money for this brilliant cause, but also teach their children to be global citizens of the future.

Art Subject Leader Sue Armitage said: “We are auctioning four large canvas collages of children’s artwork.  Each canvas represents a global goal: education, sustainable housing, clean water and peace and justice.  The children created individual shapes which tessellate together.”

We are hoping that representatives from local companies will join us for this event and bid for a canvasIf you are unable to attend in person, please consider pledging a bid by email.  The canvasses measure 105 x 80 cm and the reserve price is £250.  This is a unique opportunity to buy into your local community and to keep a colourful, meaningful and lasting memento of your generous support.

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