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22 May 2014

Written by: Campaigns team

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We’re looking for some great Lambeth candidates to apply for the latest round of apprenticeships.

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Our latest five apprenticeship vacancies are open for applications and we would love to see all of them filled by our talented residents.

Here are the vacancies, the closing dates and links to how to apply. Remember you’ll need to be registered on the National Apprenticeship Service website to apply.

Need some help with your application?

If you’re a Lambeth resident and interested in one of the roles we can support you your application. Contact for more information.

Is an apprenticeship right for me?

As an apprentice you can get a nationally recognised qualification and valuable on-the-job experience whilst being paid. There are apprenticeship schemes available in more than 170 industries and for more than 1500 job roles, from advertising to youth work.

Apprentices usually go to college for one day per week and learn on the job for four days per week, although this can vary. There are three levels of apprenticeship:

  • 1 – Intermediate Level Apprenticeships
  • 2 – Advanced Level Apprenticeships
  • 3 – Higher Apprenticeships – is the equivalent to a degree.

If you are 16-18, the full cost of your training is paid for by the government. Age 19-23, up to half the cost of course fees are paid for by the government and the rest is met by your employer. If you’re 24 or above a contribution towards fees is available

The National Apprenticeship Service is the key organisation for information, resources and access to live apprenticeship opportunities. There are up to 17,000 vacancies advertised and you will need to register with them before applying.



2 Thoughts on “Apply for Lambeth apprenticeships now

  1. Michael says:

    Dear lambeth, my name is Michael (21) I’m currently in my final year at University of Derby and work as intern in Travall company. After my internship I would like to pass the apprenticeship in lambeth. I’m mostly interested in Apprentice Premises Assistant. I’m not sure if I will be able to apply before deadline, is there any chance I can submit a form after 30th of May?

    Thanks, Michael

    • Anna Quigley says:

      Hi Michael, thanks for your comment and great that you’re interested in an apprenticeship. I’m afraid the deadlines are fixed but there is a second Apprentice Premises Assistant position which you can apply for up until 2 June. Good luck!

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