Calling all volunteers!

2 June 2014

Written by: Communications team


This year is the 30th anniversary of National Volunteers’ Week, which takes place 1-7 June and it’s time to celebrate!

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Lambeth citizens give a great deal to the community all year round, during June we want to celebrate this and get others involved. We are also encouraging more Lambeth Council staff to volunteer locally.

Volunteering not only benefits wider society, but it is good for you:

  • It can help you develop marketable skills
  • It can help you build new networks
  • It can boost your social life
  • It can even help you live longer!

As you might expect in a borough like Lambeth there are a diverse range of opportunities for volunteering across different areas of the borough, interests and to suit all skills and abilities. The time commitment can fit around your lifestyle and does not have to be regular or use hours and hours of your time.

We will be posting opportunities here on the Love Lambeth blog during June and beyond. Volunteer Centre Lambeth exists to help match you with the right volunteering opportunity and you can also visit to search for something yourself.

You can share your experiences on our Facebook page at

If you are involved with a project that needs volunteers – why not let us know by commenting below!


6 Thoughts on “Calling all volunteers!

  1. Lauren Crowley says:

    Hiya, we have a number of Scout Groups right across Lambeth who are in real need of volunteers! You can give as much time as you want, just an hour a month if you’re busy, and you get to develop our lovely children into lovely young people.

  2. Angela Rouse says:

    The Remakery is being created through a community self-build approach and we are always looking for volunteers to muck in on-site – whether you have construction / DIY skills or not.

    Through the self-build and with the tireless efforts of volunteers, the Remakery is creating a new co-operative workshop space for making things from materials that were destined for landfill.

    How it works – the Remakery will provide affordable access to workspace, tools and materials. Remakers – local residents, makers, artists and businesses – then use them to create products, enterprises and opportunities and develop new skills. Any profit is used to subsidise the Remakery social programmes and help those at a disadvantage in our community.

    The Remakery’s aims are to help divert valuable waste materials away from landfill and to support our local community to increase their skills, confidence and employment opportunities. We are a Society for the Benefit of the Community, a form of non-profit co-operative. We aim to be transparent and honest in how we do things and make ethically-based decisions.

    Interested? Look at our website or contact

    • Katy Gibbins says:

      Thanks Angela, that looks like a great volunteering opportunity for council staff and residents. We will make sure we promote it and pass people onto you to discuss the details. Good luck with the build!

  3. Bankside Open Spaces Trust says:

    Hi all,

    We at Bankside Open Spaces Trust are always looking for volunteers to help maintain our parks and gardens in and around SE1. We welcome anyone who has an interest in the outdoors or environmental causes. We need individuals of all abilities to help us sow, weed and plant our beautiful gardens. Get in touch today!

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