We are the Champions

15 February 2017

Written by: Monir El-Moudden, Street Champion, Kennington

Focus on North Lambeth

Oval Quarters Street Champion Monir El Moudden proves that working together leads to cleaner streets

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Since the opening of the new Oval Quarters development, one of the recurring problems we found was with the levels of litter on the streets, poor disposal of rubbish and the lack of recycling. Becoming a Street Champion was an easy process and we got all the support we needed from the Council. I started just a few months ago and our hard work and commitments has already led to cleaner streets and a unified community.

How have you got more people recycling?

We created a vision that everyone would be proud of, believe in and share the same passion that we have. Ours is ‘working together for a litter-free community’ for everyone to enjoy. We created posters with ‘3 simple steps’ for disposing rubbish and recycling, spoken to neighbours, and actively picked up litter off the streets. The biggest change is in attitude, and the main thing is to be positive about it. If we see someone leave a rubbish bag by the pod, we smile, help them to correct it or offer to take it to the next pod for them whilst explaining the positive impact it has on the environment.

How have you worked with the contract cleaners?

Previously, the contract cleaners emptied the contents of the recyclable items and mixed waste in the same truck, making residents feel that their efforts to separate the rubbish and recyclables was wasted. We have successfully managed to change this. So now the contractors collect the recyclable items and mixed waste on separate trucks and on different days. This has resulted in more residents than ever before recycling. We thank everyone in the community for the steps made so far towards cleaner streets and those from Lambeth, Pinnacle and Veolia for supporting our efforts in making the difference.

It’s not just about picking up litter

We believe that everyone can play their part in correct rubbish disposal and recycling. For that reason we would like to invite everyone to work together for a litter-free community that they can enjoy and be proud of.

Monir – pictured above right with Cllr Brathwaite and Street Champion Mike Morfey showing how to use the new green recycling wheelie bins