Letting you know about our budget challenge…

16 March 2016

Written by: Campaigns team

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As you may have already read in the media, or noticed on our posters, we are facing a huge budget challenge in Lambeth, with the government cutting our funding by 56%.

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Letting you know about our budget challenge…

We think it’s important that you – our residents – understand the current financial situation we are facing.


 Well, many of the services we provide as a council will be changing, the amount of staff will be reducing and the number of council buildings is going down from 14 to just two.  We think it’s only fair to tell you why.

Also, we need your help to meet the challenges we are facing.  If you recycle more waste, use more services online, help us keep your streets clean and stay active in your community, together we can create a better borough AND save money.

To give you all the information in a way that’s easy to understand (and more visually appealing than reading long, boring council reports), we’ve put together this video to explain our budget.

Yes, it cost us money to produce – around £4,500 – but that is just over a penny per resident in order to put into context the challenge of saving £200m from our budget.

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2 Thoughts on “Letting you know about our budget challenge…

  1. Chloe Charpentier says:

    Dear Lambeth Council,

    In the letter addressed to residents on February 2016, I found contradicting information regarding the budget savings that need to be made and money that will be earned through the 2% increase in council tax.

    Indeed, on the front of the letter, it says “a further 55m gbp needs to be found by 2019/2020”. On the other side of the letter is says “this only represents a fraction of the 100m gbp in savings that the council needs to make up to 2019”. Could you please confirm if we talk about 100m or 55m?

    On the front of the letter it says “The total rise will amount to 36p per week extra for a band D council tax payer and will raise nearly 4m gbp” whereas on the other side it says “This increase raises an amount of 1.9m gbp for the council”. Could you please confirm if the number is 4m or 1.9m?

    I find it disconcerting that numbers vary so greatly on a 2 page flyer, and look forward to hearing your answer on this.

    Yours faithfully,

    Chloe Charpentier

    • Communications team says:

      Hi Chloé

      The £100m relates to this year’s savings (£42m) as well as the further savings we need to find up to 2019 (£55m).

      In terms of council tax, we are raising it by 1.99% plus the 2% government precept, which combined will raise nearly £4m
      (the 2% precept part is to be used for social care only and would raise £1.9m).

      I know it can come across as quite complicated but I hope that helps clear it up.

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