Kennington Market Garden

27 November 2014

Written by: Campaigns and Communications team

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Tomorrow’s People, a national employment charity, is working in partnership with St Anselm’s Church Pathways Project to launch The Kennington Market Garden as a social enterprise to help get local young people the experience they need to get into full time employment. The enterprise is due to open by the end of the year.

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Kennington Market Garden

Young people involved with the project will grow fresh and seasonal vegetables, salad, fruits and herbs with the aim of re-engaging them within the local community and adding to their skillset.

Tomorrow’s People has been based in Kennington for a number of years and launched Kennington Flowers in 2008 as their first social enterprise. The aim of this stall was to complement the Tomorrow’s People programme in the area, which supports disadvantaged young people to get and keep a job.

The flower stall has now been joined by a Christmas Tree business and, more recently, The Coffee Mob –a stall which both sells coffee and provides a range of training, placement and paid work opportunities for young people.

Jan Tomlinson, Tomorrow’s People Business Director, said: “Our aim is to bring young people together on a project that teaches useful and transferable skills. We wanted to create a productive space which increases pride in the neighborhood and trains young people in way that gets them interacting with the local community.”

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  1. BeeUrban says:

    Candle Making Workshop
    6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
    Learn how Bees produce bee’s wax, refining wax, processes and method of candle making.

    Make rolled and moulded candles. With bees wax made by Lambeth bees. Participant will be able to take candles away with them.

    £20 Per person, concessions available for people with low incomes and students.

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